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Head Ball 2 is a thrilling and fast-paced multiplayer football game where you can challenge your opponents. Take place in 1v1 online football matches against real opponents from all around the world.
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Head Ball 2 is an arcade game that is entirely free and is available on Google Play Store. This is a game sequel to the previous game ‘Head Ball’. This game is developed by the same developer of the ‘Head Ball’, so this is another free game from the same developer.

Head Ball 2 Mod Apk

So, this game is also developed to be a fun-filled game for the players. But, it is more than that, this game is designed to make you feel like a real Football player. In this game, you will get to play as a professional footballer, and you will have to play with your friends and family.

What is Head Ball 2 Mod Apk?

There are three different modes in this game. These three modes are the normal mode, the training mode, and the free-kick mode. The main difference between the free-kick mode and the training mode is that you will have to hit the ball with your head in the free-kick mode. However, you will be hitting the ball with your foot in the training mode. You can purchase additional features using in-app purchases.

Modded Features of Head Ball 2

  • Improved performance
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Unlimited Coins/Money

The gameplay of Head Ball 2  

As for gameplay, there are various challenges to take on. You’ll have to get your players to complete the tasks and do well in the challenges to make sure that they win the game. This will allow you to collect coins and unlock new parts for your player. If you want to play the game, you can download it on the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. There are various football challenges to take on, which will allow you to earn coins, unlock new parts, and even make some points. There’s a lot more to this game than just playing it for fun. You’ll be able to enjoy the different football challenges and even compete with your friends. If you’re looking for a fun game to play on your smartphone or tablet, you might find a game like Head Ball 2.

Head Ball 2 Mod Apk Features

Connect with Facebook

Head Ball 2 is a fun multiplayer sports game that allows users to connect their Facebook accounts. With this feature, players can now compete against each other at home, but without having to worry about their parents seeing them playing in the living room. But the best information is that you can now challenge your friends in Head Ball 2 head-to-head matches, which will provide many exciting experiences.

Real-Time Play

This feature is available for all users of the game. You can challenge your opponents anytime you want. You can even play with a friend playing on the same device as you. The opponent may be on any platform, including desktop and mobile devices. 

Cloud Saving: With this feature, you’ll always have access to any changes made to your game or device. The game also offers an option to play the game in Offline Mode. You can save the game and resume later, whenever you want. 

What’s New in Head Ball 2 New Game Modes: You can now play the game in 2 new modes.

Tournament Mode: When you’re not actually playing, you can play against other players in a game. In addition, you’ll get several tournament points as you win and lose the matches. 

FIFA Tournament: This mode lets you play against other players online or offline, and it’s very similar to the Tournaments Mode. But in this mode, you’ll get many FIFA Points as you win and lose the matches. 

Gameplay Improvements: The game now has more realistic physics. Thus, the ball will behave more realistically when you kick it.


Head Ball 2 Mod Apk

Unlocked All Levels

This will help you to have a better gaming experience. All Game Modes are Unlocked: Now, you can unlock all the game modes. These modes include Classic, Head to Head, and Free For All. 

Customizable Controls: With custom controls, you can configure the game’s controls as per your preferences. You can change the rules to the mouse, keyboard, or even the gamepad.

Unlock All Characters: You can now unlock all the characters. This includes all the characters that you’ve unlocked in the first game. 

Unlock All Ball Types: You can now unlock all the ball types. This includes all the balls that you’ve opened in the first game.

Unlock All Team Colors: You can now unlock all the team colors. This includes all the team colors you’ve unlocked in the first game. 

Unlock All Ball Types & Ball Colors: You can now unlock all the ball types and all the ball colors. It includes all the ball types and colors you’ve opened in the first game. 

Unlock All Characters & Team Colors: You can now unlock all the characters and team colors. This includes all the characters and all the team colors that you’ve unlocked in the first game. 

Unlock New Stadiums

The more supporters you get, the bigger the stadium you’ll be able to use. 

Improve Your Stadiums: By upgrading stadiums, you’ll be able to increase the quality of your players, make them more durable and improve their skills. 

Train Your Players: Players can be improved by training them at the stadium. But you have to do it right as there are some restrictions. 

Improve the Performance of your Team: To strengthen your team’s performance, you can use the coaching system.

Card Packs

They are the primary way of expanding the game’s content. Card packs are the most critical part of the game. If a player wants to become a professional player, he has to collect as many card packs as possible since these are the only source of new cards. There are multi kinds of card packs.

Thrilling Gameplay

You are the head ball, and you are supposed to knock off all the heads of other balls to get a higher score. The more leads you knock off, the higher score you’ll get. The balls are bouncing around the board. So, you can’t throw the ball at one spot on the board and expect to get a strike. If you don’t want to lose your heads, you should keep an eye on all the balls in the game.

Fun for All Ages: Head Ball 2 is a great addition to the world of video games, which can be played both alone and in multiplayer. However, there are also a few levels that can be challenging for adults. 

Extra Fun with Rewards

There are lots of bonuses to earn in this game. You can get coins, gems, and other valuable items when playing the game. You can unlock new levels or get bonus items. This is a straightforward and entertaining game that you can play with your children or friends. It’s not too difficult to learn the rules of Head Ball 2. “So, everyone can play the game, without any problems. 

How to Play: First, tap on the ball to start the game. You must tap on the screen to move the ball on the screen. Then, you have to aim the ball to hit the heads of other balls on the net. However, it would help if you were careful about where you aim the head. You can collect it and get bonus points when you get a charge. 

Achievements: Achievements are the little things that make games special. You will get more bonus items and coins when you achieve them. You can even get a remarkable achievement when you complete all the levels.

New Characters Unlock

Unlock new characters by unlocking them in-game. They will be unlocked after you clear a certain number of levels. You can also collect more points by using different textures. Unlock 125 distinctive characters. You have to make sure that your character is unique from others.

Aggressive Soccer leagues

This is a great game. It has 3 different leagues and you can play against your friends and other players worldwide. You can select the league with your favorite character. The society you choose will be based on your current level. You can play your favorite characters by earning enough coins. By completing the game, you can unlock more characters for use.

Equipment to enhance efficiency

You can use equipment in the game to enhance your efficiency. You can explore the game world at your leisure. 

Character to enhance efficiency: You can choose your favorite character to improve efficiency. The game allows players to choose their own characters, but you can only create a character with the highest level. You can also buy other characters if you do not want to use your character. 

Level to enhance efficiency: You can choose your favorite class to improve your efficiency. Moreover, you can choose the level of story you want to view based on how much you’re willing to spend.

Ads Free

No Ads In The Game. Head Ball 2 is entirely free to play and offers no ads whatsoever. This is why we have decided to release this game for free so that everyone can enjoy it without being bothered by advertisements.


Upgrade Powers of Play in Head Ball 2

Upgrade your techniques to win more

  • Increase your speed for better movement and attack.
  • Boost your health to stay in the battle for a long time.
  • Improve your attack power and attack speed.
  • Increase your speed and speed of movement.
  • Boost your damage power.
  • Enhance your attack power.
  • Enhance your defense power.
  • Increase your strength.
  • Boost your HP.
  • Enhance your accuracy.
  • Enhance your range.
  • Boost your stamina.
  • Enhance your magic power.
  • Recover your health.

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How to Install Head Ball 2 Mod APK on Android?

Make sure to remove the existing version of the game before installing the new one. Then, in settings, go to Security and turn on Unknown Sources so you can install the game from any source. This will prevent your system from blocking the installation.

Installing the mod is easy. Open the mod APK file and install it on your device. Here are a few steps to download.

  • To download, click on the button below.
  • After the download is complete, open the file
  • Install the app on your android device.
  • Make sure you follow all instructions inside.
  • After it is installed properly, open it and enjoy the fantastic features.

FAQs about Head ball 2

Can I play head ball 2 for free?

Yes, it’s a free video game, but several items are locked until you pay for them.

Is it possible to select our own character in head ball 2?

You can select your favorite character by playing this game. Each character has a different attribute. Think about picking the best one.

Conclusion: Head Ball 2

Head Ball 2 is a new version of the popular Android game with many improvements. It comes with multiple interesting features, including a multiplayer mode that allows you to compete against your friends for the best head-standing record. Football is a trendy sport with an enormous fan base. Millions of fans enjoy it every year. With the free, open-source mod, you can play as yourself. No one will know you’re playing a game that doesn’t have any money or time limits.


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