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In Last Day on Earth Mod Apk, players immerse themselves in a post-apocalyptic world and work together to build bases and gather resources. They can also use their precious time to scavenge for supplies and make use of various weapons. It sounds simple, but the game will test your survival skills as it drags you into a gritty adventure in its vast world.
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In Last Day on Earth Mod Apk, players immerse themselves in a post-apocalyptic world and work together to build bases and gather resources. They can also use their precious time to scavenge for supplies and make use of various weapons. It sounds simple, but the game will test your survival skills as it drags you into a gritty adventure in its vast world.

Last Day on Earth Mod Apk

In the game Last Day on Earth, when a new character begins, they have the least combat experience and equipment. That’s when you need to find hope in a world where the human race is almost destroyed by the epidemic. It’s not just infected that you need to fight, even those who have died from the infection are now zombies who will attack you. 

What is Last Day on Earth Mod APK?

Last Day on Earth Mod Apk is a Mod version of the game Last Day on Earth. The game was originally published by Funcom and is based on the original game by Eric Chahi. Last Day on Earth Survival Mod Apk is available for free to download and play anywhere. The game has countless players all over the world. A deadly virus has swept the globe in this game. In the game, you have to survive in the zombie-infested world. You can get new weapons, items, and even a zombie-killing machine.  

Moded Features of Last Day on Earth Apk Mod

-No Ads

-Unlimited Ammo 

-New Weapons

-Unlocked Items

-New Maps

Powerful gameplay of Last Day on Earth  APK 

The gameplay of Last Day on Earth Mod Apk is simple. The screen will split into two sections; a top screen and a bottom screen. The full screen displays your health bar, weapon, and ammo count, as well as the number of zombies on screen. The bottom screen shows the game’s current level, score, and time left. You’ll also have a crosshair in the middle of the screen, which will help you aim your gun. The game starts with a single zombie. When you shoot him, he’ll explode into pieces, creating more zombies.

The game’s goal is to survive as long as possible by shooting zombies before they reach you. The game also has a score based on how many zombies you kill and how much health you have left. You can use the gamepad or keyboard to move around, fire your weapon and even jump. To complete levels it is necessary do not to die during complete gameplay. The controls are very easy and active to play. Your movement is controlled by the left stick and your weapon by the right stick.

If you hold the right bar up, your weapon will be charged and you will be able to fire more powerfully. You can also shoot while moving forward, backward, or jumping. You can also crouch to sneak up on enemies or dash to escape from them. The graphics are well done, especially considering that the game is made entirely in Flash. The game is divided into stages. Each stage has a different theme, such as a forest, desert, and even an underwater environment.

Minimum system requirements for Last Day on Earth Survival MOD?  

These are the minimum requirements

-Your actual device’s specs may vary. Android version: 5.0 and up CPU: ARM v7 RAM: 2GB Internal Storage: 16GB MicroSD: up to 32GB. 

Last Day on Earth Mod Apk Features

Survival Mode

Scavenge items worldwide to create tools, weapons, and armor that help you survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Craft new items or scavenge for nails, wood, metal, and leather materials. Choose between two difficulty settings, Survival Mode or Hardcore mode. Survive: The environment is dynamic and ever-changing. It would be helpful if you optimized your domain. Your goal is to survive the storm. Hardcore: The climate is static. It would be best if you used your environment against you. Your goal is to kill your opponent. A random character will join the game after a certain time has passed in survival mode.

Last Day on Earth Mod Apk

Dynamic Weather

During the day, the sky is cloudy, rain is falling, and lightning is flashing across the screen. At night, the weather is dark and dirty. Thunderstorms are more frequent at night. The lightning bolts are brighter. The raindrops on the ground are visible during the night if it rains.

Hunger system

Your hunger increases as you go hungry. You will feel weak and lazy if you are hungry—your hunger decreases as you find food. Food is found in crates, barrels, haystacks, animal carcasses, and other sources. Crouching/Standing: The game uses crouching and standing to control your character. The default keybindings are to squat, jump and melee attack (default keybindings may be changed).

Your view is limited to about 25 feet from you when you crouch. When you are seeking resources or fighting large groups of opponents, this can prove to be useful. Standing allows you to view your surroundings, but it’s not as valuable as crouching. To crouch, hold down the key “W.” To stand, hold down the key “S.” If you are running, your view will change from 25 feet to 150 feet, which will allow you to see more of the area. If you stop moving, you will return to the default view.  


Zombies roam the earth and will attack you if you are not careful. You must stay alert and be careful when walking through the world. You can use your melee attack to destroy zombies and break their bones. The zombies will not chase you, but they can easily follow you when you walk in their direction. Zombies have a limited range. Once you kill a zombie, it will not respawn until the next day. If you survive until morning, the game will restart at the exact location.

Zombies attack with their arms, hands, and feet. Zombies are easy to identify because of their different attacks. A zombie will use its arms to hit you or knock you over. A zombie’s hand will grab you and pull you closer. A zombie’s foot will kick you. Zombies can also throw rocks at you. Some zombies will be carrying boxes. When a zombie is taking a box, it will swing the box like a weapon and hit you. A zombie will attack you in groups of three. The zombies in the group will attack you in unison. To kill all the zombies in the group is necessary. Without care, you will die.

Unlock Extra Levels

You’ll also unlock extra levels that are just as fun as the main game. If you like zombie games or just like a good game that is easy to play. Then give Last Day on Earth Mod Apk a try and enjoy its never-ending fun.


 You can use weapons to defend yourself against zombies. One weapon is allowed to carry at a time during play. The first weapon will be a knife or pistol in the early stage of the Last Day on Earth Apk Mod. More weapons will be yours after clear different levels.  T The first weapon that you get is a knife. A knife is suitable for close-quarters fighting. To cut up boxes knife is a better option.

The second weapon that you get is a pistol. A pistol is ideal for long-range battles. You can use a gun to shoot zombies from far away. You can also use a weapon to kill zombies if you have good aim. The third weapon that you get is a shotgun. A shotgun is good for killing zombies in large groups. You can kill two zombies with a gun. You can also use a weapon to blow up boxes. 

Multi Skills

You have to learn how to use the different skills and equipment you collect during the game. When you use skills, you can boost your health and energy. There are six skills: The first skill is called the shield. It has a shield on it, and you can use it to protect yourself from bullets. Likewise, it can protect you from zombie attacks. The second skill is called the laser. It is used to kill zombies. The third skill is called the rope. It is used to climb up walls. The fourth skill is called the sword. It can be used to kill zombies and people. The 5th skill is called the bomb. To destroy walls you can use bombs  And the 6th skill is called power. The power of killing is used with power. A: You can’t do it with one skill. You have to learn all six skills.

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How to Download the Last day on earth Mod Apk for Android:

  • From the link above, you can download the Last day on earth Mod Apk.
  • Download the apk file to your phone.

How can I install the Last day on earth Mod Apk Android?

Install the new version only after removing the existing one. Remove the existing Last day on earth mod game first if it’s already installed. Unknown Sources must be enabled in the settings if you want to install the Last Day on Earth Mod Menu from any source. It will prevent the installation from being blocked by your system. You can install the mod very easily.

  • If you want to install the mod on your device, you have to open the mod file.
  • The process of downloading a file can be accomplished in several ways.
  • A download page will appear when you click the button.
  • After downloading the file, open it if you wish to install the application.
  • You have to follow all the instructions inside.
  • After it’s installed, open it and enjoy the wonderful features.


Can I play Last day on earth Mod Apk on my mobile phone?

Last Day on Earth Apk can be played on both a computer and a mobile device.

What is the best way to update MOD without losing data?

Simply download and install the new MOD version of LDOE Mod Apk from Alphaapk.

Note: Don’t delete the current version if you don’t want to lose your data.


Whether you are a survival game enthusiast or not, Last Day on Earth Mod Apk has plenty of things to offer players of all types. With tons of content and an interesting mix of gameplay mechanics that cover everything from resource gathering to crafting, there is plenty to keep even the most dedicated players engaged. This mod will allow you to fully enjoy the story mode and all the other features this game has to offer, so be sure to check it out.


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