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SCORE HERO APK (Unlimited Money)


Score Hero is not your average football game. You won’t be playing for a whole match like in a classic soccer game. Instead, you may find yourself in circumstances that demand your skills and abilities.
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Score Hero is not your average football game. You won’t be playing for a whole match like in a classic soccer game. Instead, you may find yourself in circumstances that demand your skills and abilities. Yes, that’s right more than just kicking balls. Here you will have the chance to score goals and use some football skills throughout all the events of a match.

Score Hero APK

Score Hero is an excellent game for sports fans who enjoy soccer and people who love sports. The application is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Land the skills from different difficulty levels and get from easy to extremely hard levels. Enjoy instant gameplay, which will provide a lot of fun in a relaxing moment.

What is Score Hero Mod Apk?

First Touch Games Ltd developed Score Heroas a game. It is also possible to download a free mod version of this game online. It is not necessary to pay money to download this game. Moreover, it offers many advantages and benefits to players when they play the modified version of the game.

If you want to get unlimited gold, money, and gems and beat your opponent, you need to download the score hero mod apk. Because in this mod apk, we have added everything unlimited such as money, gold, gems, etc.

Modded Features of Score Hero

  • Free shopping
  • Unlimited energy
  • energy never decreases
  • Added more than 2500 stars
  • Added more than 2500 coins

The gameplay of Score Hero

Score Hero is an online sports game from First Touch Games Ltd. The game allows players to play like real football players, complete their career path and achieve world class status. Score Hero is a unique football simulation on mobile devices that gives you the chance to live the life of a professional footballer.

In this game, you will become famous footballers who have played for many years and won many championships. You can also create your personalized character in the game, upgrade your skills and play against others in epic matches. The gameplay of the game is straightforward. You will be given a set of instructions about how to play the game, and you will have to follow these instructions to win.

Find a way for your team to score goals as soon as possible. Kick or head the ball into the goal to accomplish this. There are many different ways to achieve goals, and you will have to figure out which method is best for you. The next thing you need to do is make sure that your players can make a play when required. If your players are not in position, they will not be able to make a play when needed, which will result in them losing the game.

Features of Score Hero

Different Leagues and Competitions

6 leagues and 7 cup competitions to test your skills in many countries worldwide. You can win domestic glory with your favorite club. Or you can be victorious in Europe. The choice is yours.

Several Challenging Levels

Over 280 challenging levels including unique goal scoring scenarios and end-of-season play-offs. 5 Difficulty settings for every level to suit your skill. 3 Game Modes. and 2 Player Modes. 8 Game Speed Options. 6 Game Types. 24 Game Objects. 2 Game Scenarios. 4 Game Settings. 8 Game Scenario Variations. 1 Game Theme. 2 Game Themes. 2 Game Music. 1 Game Soundtrack.

Unlimited Rewards 

Win awards, win trophies, score goals, change clubs, represent your country, and reach the top. Earn points by participating in challenges and competitions and get a better chance of winning with every goal scored. All-new rewards system gives you more ways to earn points and prizes than ever before. Earn up to 10 points per challenge and up to 20 points per competition. Earn rewards from challenges in three different categories: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. You can also earn rewards from competitions in two different categories. Gold and Silver.


Start in the lower leagues and work your way to the top by proving your worth in 2v2 real-time multiplayer. Throughout Battle for Your Lives, you will discover new characters, weapons, and items. Power up your character with skill trees and unlock various skills, upgrades, and equipment. Build and customize your team in score hero and take them into battle against thousands of players worldwide.


Prepare your brain for a challenge and an addictive experience created by intelligent, tactical AI. Realistic animation, 60fps dynamic gameplay, and all-new visuals (compatible devices only) make Dream League Soccer the perfect Soccer package capturing the true essence of the beautiful game.


With an intuitive camera system that follows all the action, stunning graphics that put you right on the pitch, and full game commentary, Score! Hero immerses. The best football experience is now yours, with full game commentary, the most realistic football match engine, and a new dynamic 3D player model that captures the moment’s excitement.

Players Customization

Your Hero player can be customized for a unique appearance and feel. All players are created with the same basic stats, but they can be customized to your liking. Some of the customization options are Player names. Player picture (can be used in your profile). `Player stats -Character type -Skin color (dark skin, light skin, etc. Body hair (hairless, bald, etc. Eye color (green, blue, brown, etc. Mouth color (white, red, yellow, etc.

Play with others Worldwide

Take part in Facebook competitions against your closest friends. Take part in a global competition against players from around the world. Compete with your friends. Find out how you rate against your friends in your area as well as how you rate worldwide. Play Games with Friends. Find and play games against your friends. Connect with Your Friends Invite your friends to play games with you. The ability to send and receive private messages. Communicate with friends or other players across the globe.

Achievements and Leader boards

You can see who’s on top by looking at Google Play achievements. We enjoy ranking up on the leaderboard. So here are some of the things we’ve done with them: A lot of our players use Android Wear watches, so we thought it would be cool to make a custom Google Play watch face that displays their leaderboard rank.

Simple to Play, Tough to Master 

You cannot find a better game app for iOS or Android than Score Hero. While this game is straightforward to play, you will encounter some challenging challenges. It would help if you were skillful to play this game. If you are an android user and want to play this game, this is the best game for you.

Super 3D Graphics and Sounds

The graphics are pretty nice, the player cards are well-drawn, and the sounds of the stadium make you feel like you’re in one. There are a lot of details in the stadium that makes it seem real, from the seats to the scoreboard, to the concession stands, to the people sitting in them, and even the fans in the crowd. I recommend you check out this game to see a stadium game with excellent graphics and pleasing sounds.

Free to play

This game is fantastic. It’s filled with many great features that’ll keep you coming back for more. Hence, you can install it for free on any of your devices. Great for low-budget, but you might also want to get one of the tops.

How to Install Score Hero APK on Android?

Make sure to remove the existing version of the game before installing the new one. Then, in settings, go to Security and turn on Unknown Sources so you can install the game from any source. This will prevent your system from blocking the installation.
Installing the mod is easy. Open the mod APK file and install it on your device. Here are a few steps to download.

  • To download, click on the button below.
  • After the download is complete, open the file
  • Install the app on your android device.
  • Make sure you follow all instructions inside.
  • After it is installed properly, open it and enjoy the fantastic features.

FAQs about Score Hero

Is it possible to Unlock Premium Features In Score Hero?

Yes, By using and installing this modded version, you will be able to use everything in-game.

Installing the mod apk requires root access?

The device does not need to be rooted for installation.


In conclusion, we would like to feel happy to make it for you that the score hero game is good for everyone. We’ll be delighted if you come back to our site to play other addicting games. Thanks a lot from the developers of the score hero game. Please feel free to share this game with your family and friends.


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