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Play the game Stick War, one of the biggest, most fun, challenging, and addicting stick figure games. Control your army in formations or play each unit, you have total control of every stickman. Build units, mine gold, learn the way of the Sword, Spear, Archer, Mage, and even Giant. Destroy the enemy statue, and capture all Territories.
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Stick War Legacy is all about challenging yourself to play for many hours. Your goal is to conquer every city in your empire. You’ll need a vast army of stickmen to do so, but you have to be the most powerful emperor in history. A king is nothing without a throne. Become a true ruler of a kingdom, and claim your own personal castle. This is a great game, one of the best I’ve played in a long time. The option of creating an army of your own with different units will be available to you. In this game, you’ll be able to have the Miner look for gold mines, the Builder make fortresses, and other military teams like archers, infantry, cavalry, etc. Your only goal is to become the greatest king the land.

Stick War Legacy Mod Apk

What is Stick War Legacy Mod Apk?

If you are looking for a great action game to entertain you, this is the right game for you. The new version of Stick War Legacy has been created and updated to give you countless hours of fun on your android device. This new version is an improved version and contains several new features that the players have requested.

The gameplay of Stick War Legacy

In this game, you will command your squad of stick men who will fight for the glory of Stickland. You need to take down heretics in various missions without losing all of your men and with as few casualties as possible. You command the squads through menus that make up the bulk of the game’s level and difficulty structure.

Stick War Legacy is an adaptation of the popular web-based flash game of the same title, which holds over five million plays and still receives regular updates. Stick War Legacy is a 2D Flash fantasy strategy game. It takes the RTS (Real-Time Strategy) genre and turns on its side by giving it a 2D perspective that allows for a more in-depth play style, requiring smaller, more precise movements when dealing with formations of your units. Unlike other mindless army-building games, this game is much more than you see on the surface.

FEATURES of Stick War Legacy

Variety of New Weapons

Stick War Legacy is a strategy game. You can fight with your opponent. This game takes you to the stick world, and you have to build your army, fight against the other team, and win the war. You can use different weapons in the battle and defeat your opponents. The graphics of the game are amazing.

This game features different weapons that you can use in the battle like swords, archers, magic staffs, spear throwers, almighty, and many more weapons are also available for you. After winning each fight, you can also upgrade your heroes and use these heroes in upcoming matches.

Ability to update Soldiers

You can update your soldiers, which allows you to unlock more soldiers and make them stronger. You can also add in new troops. We’ve just added the ability to update your soldiers, so you can make them even better at defending your kingdom.

Upgrade your towers to Increase their Attack Power

 A new feature has been added to the game the ability to upgrade your towers so that you can increase their attack power and defense power. Improve your castle’s defensive management by adding new buildings. Play the game in a world of fantasy and adventure.

Stick War Legacy Mod Apk

Army special forces During Battles

Special forces fight for glory and honor on the battlefield. Use the power of your army and the power of your weapons to dominate the battlefield. Join your friends to play and win against other players in Stick War Legacy Achievements & Leaderboards are designed to help you track your game progress. You can unlock achievements by playing the game, you can see your achievements and compare your achievements with friends and the community. Furthermore, you can also share your achievements with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Our leaderboards allow you to see how you stack up against your friends and other members. You can view your rank against your friends, your rank in the game, and your rank in the world.

New Stick Figures

We added some new stick figures to the game, including a unique character and a new weapon. You can now play as a new character named “Void,” a stick figure that shoots a dark energy beam from his mouth. He has a recent attack called “Sonic Blast,” He shoots an energy blast that travels forward and then ricochets off objects to damage enemies. He also has a new unique ability called “Dark Void,” which makes him invisible for a short period.  

Custom Skins

As seen here, Sonic is one of the first characters in the game to have a custom skin. The custom skin features Sonic’s face on a green body with red eyes and a blue mouth. Sonic’s custom skin can be unlocked by playing the Super Sonic Story Mode (which can be played by collecting all the Chaos Emeralds) or unlocking a special mission in the story mode called “The Secret of Shadow Hill.” In the story mode, you’ll need to open the special mission “The Secret of Shadow Hill” before you can unlock the custom skin.

More Game Modes

There are three modes in this Stick War Legacy for you to enjoy:

Campaign Mode: In this mode, you will have to fight against other stickmen and defeat them to gain experience points and gold coins. Defeating solid enemies will give you many more experience points than weaker ones. These experience points can be used to strengthen your character’s stats. There are 4 stats that you can upgrade: attack, defense, health, and speed. The higher the level number of your stats is, the higher the stat value is. Gold coins can be used to purchase new equipment or to upgrade existing equipment. Because there are too many enemies in each stage, instead of fighting with all of them together at once, they will come one by one to attack you.

Survival Mode: In this mode, you can test how long your stickman can survive while being attacked by multiple enemies. Each second passed means more gold coins for you. When you collect enough gold coins by staying for a long time, you can buy new weapons and upgrades, such as the “Shield”, which will protect your stickman from attack for a certain period. You can boost the strength of your stickman’s shield by raising his level.

Normal Attack. You can only use your normal attack to kill your enemies in stick war legacy. 

Strong Attack. Your regular attack is not strong enough to kill your enemies. You can now also use your shield to block your enemy’s attacks. 

Shield Attack. If you have the “Shield” upgrade, you can also use your security to attack your enemies.

New Single-Player Modes

Survival Mode and Adventure Mode – Survival Mode is a mode in which you are forced to fight against many enemies at once. There are no obstacles or traps in stick war legacy. Your stickman will die if he gets hit by more than 5 enemies at once. The enemies will keep attacking you until you get hit. You can choose how many enemies to fight against. Adventure Mode is a mode in which you need to survive for as long as possible while running from one area to another, avoiding traps and obstacles. The world is full of traps and obstacles. Defeat the timer to get out of the game. Also in this mode, there are two types of enemies. An enemy of the first kind is one who will run towards you and attack you when they see you. There is also an enemy trapped and ready to explode if you touch it. It would help if you avoided both kinds of enemies at all times.

Deathmatch: This is a mode in which two players face off against each other to kill the opponent as fast as possible. The faster player gets more points. The winner gets the other player’s stickman when the time runs out.

HD Graphics And Amazing Sound

This book is filled with goofy cartoons that will make you laugh out loud. However, they’re not just regular stickmen; when fighting they’re fierce warriors. Although the strategic aspects of the stick war legacy are highly realistic, the game’s large-scale battlefield provides amazing weapon effects. You might be surprised to know that in-game loading times are virtually non-existent. The game’s animations are perfectly rendered, and each action is made to sound authentic. Your in-game actions will sound like they’re happening in real life with the appropriate sound. It is possible to hear a miner mining for gold or to hear the metal weapons crashing onto each other on the battlefield. You can access intuitive audio tracks to improve your experience throughout the game.

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FAQs about Stick War Legacy

Is this version of Stick War Legacy Mod APK is safe?

We have done extensive testing on various devices so you need not worry about malware or being banned.

What will I get in the Mod Version?

Mod version provides unlimited gold and gems inside of the game. It is known as cheating on real fun, so you will not need to spend too much time on it.


Stick War Legacy is one of my favorites, although the stick figure graphics might not seem appealing, it is a challenging game. The gameplay is more interesting if you are familiar with this game, but it comes with many hidden treasures, and some of the levels also have puzzles that you have to solve to finish the game.


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